100.5 WYMG


Call letters: WYMG-FM
Branding: 100.5 WYMG
Format: Classic Rock
Website: wymg.com



  • Over 73.8% of all listeners own a home. And whether they own or rent, over 6.8% of listeners are in the market for a home at all times.
  • Over 15.3% of all listeners will buy a new or used car in the next 6 months – and over 15.8% of listeners will buy new tires during that time.
  • 15.2% of all listeners want a new cell provider. 1 in 23 listeners is looking for a new bank. 28.2% of listeners use a credit union instead of or in addition to a bank.
  • Due to high rates of home ownership and strong “upper class” incomes with high rates of disposable income, listeners are among Springfield’s most active consumers – especially home services and “big boy toys.”
  • 8.2% of listeners own businesses.
  • Listeners dine out regularly. 49.9% are dining out at least 4 times each week; 16.8% are dining out 8+ times weekly.

*Research provided by Franklin Media Research