Live Broadcasts Q&A

Live Broadcasts (Remotes)

Q: When should I consider a live broadcast?

A: A live broadcast is most effective when you have an event that depends on attendance, or an event that features a benefit for the potential customer. A “remote” generally will not result in listeners changing their plans in order to drop by. If we can publicize and event, and convince listeners that they could miss out on something, they are more likely to respond.

Q: Can you guarantee results?

A: It would be nice if we could, but there are factors that can influence the results, like weather, that are completely out of our control. The best way to insure a successful live broadcast is to offer our listeners an opportunity that they would not get otherwise.

Q: Do I have to talk on the air?

A: Absolutely not, but it’s something you should consider if you or a staff member is reasonably comfortable speaking into a microphone. You and your employees know more about your business and your customers than we could ever know. Use your knowledge and credibility to invite customers to your store.

Q: How long is the typical live broadcast?

A: We prefer a two-hour event due to scheduling concerns, but in some cases additional time can be added at an additional cost.

Q: How much does a live broadcast cost?

A: The cost can range anywhere from $400 for a standard two-hour event to $1000 depending on the station and additional elements you choose .

Q: How can I get more information about a live broadcast for my event?

A: Call the Capitol Radio Group at 217-753-5400 and ask to speak to the sales manager.