DIGITAL – We do that!

Those ads on your phone? Those graphics on your website? Marketing in social media? Ads you see on your streaming TV service? We do that! We focus on Targeted Digital Display that reaches a certain person on a consistent basis.

With Capitol Radio Group, you get;

  • A laser focus on certain audiences and a goal to reach a certain person a certain amount of times with repetition at the right time in the right places!
  • Geographic and demographic targeting that focuses on gender, age, household income, education and more. We also target through geofencing and keywords.
  • Banner ads and display on the places and sites that matter most. Places like,,, or anywhere that fits your audience.
  • Websites, Facebook and Instagram ads, social media strategy and more.
  • Strategy to get you on the first page of google.
  • An OTT and CTV (Over the Top TV and Connected TV) plan.
  • We are the professionals with years of experience. Our senior staff with over 150 years of market experience can help you navigate the digital waters. You’re working with experienced people and getting the local support you need!

Go with the long-term sellers who know the area and digital marketing as well! Learn more by emailing digital@capitolradiogroup or call 217-753-5400.