How NOT to buy radio advertising

Okay, you’ve decided that you love the reach and frequency and the power of radio advertising. Good for you (actually, good for your business…!). A few pointers for you as you determine what stations to use.

***the station you listen to is not necessarily the right one for your business. If you want to hear your commercial, ask your account executive for a copy so you can listen to it as much as you want. Buying a station because you want to hear your commercial is like buying a new car for the new car smell…

***your friends are not a real-world barometer of advertising effectiveness. We know of one business manager in the area that buys a station because his friends tell him they listen to it. Wouldn’t it be more effective if total strangers were telling him they hear the commercial?

***trust your instincts. If a radio rep is trying to sell you on the merits of a station because the 14 year old daughter controls the car radio, politely tell them to leave. There’s a difference between “hearing” and “listening”. Mom may “hear” that station in the car, but it doesn’t mean she’s engaged or listening. If she’s not listening, you ain’t making an impact.

***power only matters in warfare. If you’re asked to pay more simply based on the fact that a station can be heard in Timbuktu, they’re grasping at straws. The internet has changed the way people in rural areas shop. Unless your business sells a big-ticket item, you have almost no chance of pulling customers from the hinterlands. Concentrate your spending in the area where you have the best chance of reaching customers. At Capitol Radio Group, we have Account Executives who are relentlessly trained and who take great care of you and your business’ advertising dollars – and who never recommend a station that is not in your business’ best interests. If you have questions, call us at 217-753-5400 and ask to speak to our sales manager.