Social Media may be Free, but its not affordable

Just like you, we like social media, but in most cases social media isn’t an effective way to advertise. A recent Gallup poll of 18,000 people found that when it comes to advertisers using social media to sell their products, most Americans are very disinterested in their ads. In fact, more than six in ten say that the various messages they see have virtually no effect on their buying habits. A mere five percent agreed with the statement that ads on social media sites have a great deal of influence on what they buy. Facebook even admits that only two percent of ads on Facebook get any response. Millennials who responded to survey – by far the biggest segment of social media users – aren’t enamored with brands and businesses on social media sites. Nearly half say the ads had no influence at all on their spending habits. Another finding: even people who like or follow brands on social network aren’t rushing out to buy the merchandise. Of this group, 53 percent say the messages have some influence and 34 claim they could not care less. Many of the businesses that are using social media exclusively are brand new businesses with little or no advertising budgets. They believe that since social media is “free”, it’s affordable. Not necessarily. If you own a new business, you probably don’t have the luxury of time for “social word-of-mouth” to get around. At Capitol Radio Group, we have solutions for new businesses with limited advertising budgets. We’d love the chance to tell you all about them and help you get your business off the ground faster. Call us at 217-753-5400.