Co-Op Advertising

Did you know that billions of dollars in co-op funds go unused each year? Co-op funds are set aside by manufacturers to give their vendors incentive to advertise their product. Typically the ads, whether broadcast or print, must adhere to certain guidelines – the manufacturer must be mentioned so many times, etc. Most of the time the amount of money the vendor receives is based on prior year sales, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Why would a business pass up the opportunity to use co-op dollars that are provided for them? We generally hear three reasons:

1) there’s a certain amount of paperwork that goes with submissions for reimbursement.

2) the co-op usually only pays a percentage of the total dollars spent.

3) the vendor doesn’t know how much is available to them.

If you have a business relationship with a manufacturer and carry their product in your store, be sure to ask if co-op funds are available, then call your Capitol Radio Group Account Executive. We’re experts in handling co-op advertising situations, and can take away many of the issues associated with using these funds. That money is yours! Use it!