Which of the four types of advertisers is your business?

Did you know:

That there are four kinds of advertisers.

1) Defensive advertisers

2) Offensive advertisers

3) Flankers

4) Guerrilla advertisers

According to “Marketing Warfare” by Ries and Trout, the most widely-read book on marketing ever written, your business falls into one of these categories. Do you know which one? Your business’ position in the marketplace determines which of these strategies you should employ. For example, the clear market leader in a category needs to play defense against losing market share. The guerilla, on the other hand, knows he cannot compete unless he employs a strategy that the market leader cannot. If you’re unsure about the tactics your business should employ, you can count on your Account Executive from Capitol Radio Group to give you solutions without high pressure tactics. We realize that we aren’t successful unless you are. Call us at 217-753-5400.