Why advertise on radio?

REACH – Radio has been confirmed as the “Reach Leader” – reaching more people every week than any other media including TV, smart phones and the internet. 93% of persons 12+ in America “LIKE” Radio every week – because they turn it on. It’s also true that radio is everywhere: at home, at work, in the car and on people’s phones! Local radio still gets 90%+ of in-car audio listening time – AND 70%+ of audio listening time on internet virtual assistant devices such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s Siri!

FREQUENCY – Radio’s key to effectiveness is reaching more people more times for your advertising dollar! Dollar for dollar and time for time – radio advertising gets results equal to – or better than any other media.

TARGETABILITY – We have 7 different Radio stations and formats – and are the ONLY media group in Springfield that does “Intent to Purchase” research across a large number of business categories with each of our station’s audiences. We invest our research dollars to help our clients make their marketing dollars work better!

FLEXIBILITY – Because “said is done” – Radio shines with affordable creative ads that will drive your message home. It’s easy to adapt quickly too, when marketplace changes require you to be agile and make immediate changes.

BRANDING – Radio advertising helps advertisers “own” audio real estate in people’s minds. Using radio on a 52-week basis allows a local business to position themselves and “be known before they are needed.” We use the acronym A.U.D.I.O.

A – ALWAYS ON MEDIA STRATEGY – Allows a business to be there when they become needed.

U – UTILIZE MORE THAN ONE PLATFORM – Select the 2 or 3 – or possibly even all 7 of our radio stations to reach as many potential customers each week as your budget allows.

D – DRIVE YOUR SALES WITH RADIO – Every ad needs to ask people to do business with you and give them a reason to buy. We’ll work with you to find your message and make it work.

I – INDIVIDUALIZE YOUR MESSAGE – Our exclusive research helps to zero in on the audience of each station that intends to purchase in your category, so we can tailor messages directly at their needs.

O – OPTIMIZE YOUR MEDIA WITH 80% BROADCAST – We have studios that show optimum reach and frequency are attained with 20% digital media and 80% local broadcast media. More reach = more sales – and that is your bottom line!